Problems With Zipped Folders

You may stumble across situations where you have downloaded a compressed folder (ZIP file) from the internet, but cannot open it with Windows XP (SP2). There is a security “feature” built into Windows to protect you from malicious programs that are created on another computer but running on yours. For example, when you go to… Continue reading Problems With Zipped Folders

Oxygen: Behind the Scenes

As we have been using more and more media produced from Oxygen, I found this special “behind the scenes” feature interesting. I have found many of their graphics to be both thought provoking and inspiring. Seeing the preparation and the effort they exhibit is testimony to the good work they are doing and how the… Continue reading Oxygen: Behind the Scenes

Sharing Containers in Glide

Another new online tool we’ll be using in our ministry team this year is Glide Effortless. It will be a handy tool for us in both the design and preparation of our weekly worship. Here is a quick link to how “containers” are shared from Glide with users both inside and outside of Glide using… Continue reading Sharing Containers in Glide


LifeSaver Originally uploaded by gregdavispsu. This is the latest upload from the O2 Starter kit.