20 Years…

This weekend, I’ll be taking a road trip back to my alma matter with 3 of my roommates from my senior year, Don, Greg (yes another one), and John. We couldn’t find the 4th (Dave).  We had a really cool 3 bedroom, split-level apartment just off campus our senior year in 1988. That means it is how now a full 20 years since we graduated and left Happy Valley for the “real world”. 

So, in honor of that milestone, us dudes are heading back to the land of Joe Paterno, who amazingly is still the head coach of our football team, and going to have a guy’s weekend just hanging out, seeing everything that has changed on campus since we were there and talking about our time together there. Most definitely we will be feeling very aged as our 40+ year old selves will be surrounded by so much youth, but it will be good time for the 4 of us to catch-up as we have not been together (just the 4 guys) for a whole weekend since 1988.

I’ll miss my family this weekend but I am looking forward to hanging out with my old roommates again. In fact, we are on the road as this is published – got to love the “publish on” future dating function!