100 Days

Today I completed The Essential 100 reading plan which I started on YouVersion at the beginning of the year. I mention this not at all out of pride or conceit, but to encourage. If I can do it, I know you can to! Trust me, I am not a fast reader or someone who reads dozens… Continue reading 100 Days

Reading Plans

The start of a new year is a great time to start making the Bible a part of your daily life, if it’s not already. Thanks to the YouVersion.com Team at LifeChurch.tv who have made an extensive list (50+) of reading plans available.  With both web-based and mobile apps available you can also do your reading wherever… Continue reading Reading Plans

There’s an App for That

At Fellowship Church, we are in the middle of a 3-part series called “There’s An App For That“.   Naturally, that theme appeals to me.   Whether you are an Apple fan, or more recently Android and Blackberry, the face of technology has been forever changed by the clever concept of mini-apps (applications) for your… Continue reading There’s an App for That

“In Case You Missed It” Friday

I thought I’d try something new this week, which if I like it enough, I may continue in future weeks as well.  Since it’s the end of the week and information seems to flow faster and faster around the interwebs these days, I thought I’d try to summarize and share a quick list of some… Continue reading “In Case You Missed It” Friday

Nexus One Giveaway – Mobile – YouVersion.com: Online Bible

Giveaway Details Over the next four weeks we’ll be giving away a few highly coveted YouVersion T-shirts, a bunch of nifty YouVersion stickers, and the big grand prize…an unlocked Nexus One phone engraved with “www.YouVersion.com”. Drawing Dates: February 24 – T-Shirt giveaway March 3 – T-Shirt giveaway March 10 – T-Shirt giveaway March 17 –… Continue reading Nexus One Giveaway – Mobile – YouVersion.com: Online Bible

How to use the reading plan widget on YouVersion.com

via support.youversion.com Here is a great tip from Scott Magdalein on how to use the YouVersion reading plan widget right from the main YouVersion page. Have you tried a reading plan yet? There are many to choose from and you can start any time! (email subscribers: click on title link to view video)

YouVersion – Blog – NEW YouVersion Bible App for Java Phones!

How to Download The easiest way to download the YouVersion Bible app for Java is to visit http://youversion.com/download from your Java-enabled mobile phone. From there you’ll be taken to the Java application store where you’ll be able to download the right version for your phone. via blog.youversion.com Now you don’t need a “smart phone” to… Continue reading YouVersion – Blog – NEW YouVersion Bible App for Java Phones!

Got a Plan?

Just in time for this New Year, I’m excited to see that the team from LifeChurch.tv has made some great enhancements to the online Bible – YouVersion.com.  I have enjoyed the many features of YouVersion in the past, such as the online journal, but now they have added over 20 reading plans to make it… Continue reading Got a Plan?

Celebrating One Billion Minutes – YouVersion.com: Online Bible

That’s 19 centuries, 16.7 Million Hours One by one, drawing closer to God,reading his word… Seeking answers, gaining hope, absorbing wisdom…finding peace. To our YouVersion users, thank you for making this milestone happen. You’ve read the Bible in airports, the tube, coffee shops, church services, and countless points between. Your passion for God’s word is… Continue reading Celebrating One Billion Minutes – YouVersion.com: Online Bible