Custom Themes in Gmail

Ah finally!  I’ve been waiting for this capability for a long time!  Last week Google announced the latest update to themes in Gmail.  Now, in addition to being able to select from one of the many HD themes they provide, you can also use your own background image. Have you experimented with gmail themes yet?  

The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

I love this image. In an online and ever connected world like ours, social media and even email can become huge distractions. How do you know if your productivity is getting lost in this Bermuda Triangle? Do you constantly feel the tempting urge to check for new status updates, tweets and email messages that demand your attention? Do… Continue reading The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

In Case You Missed It – May 14

Here are some things I found interesting from the past week or so that you might want to check out.   I would love to hear any thoughts or comments about any of them.  Enjoy! Ever wish you had a personal assistant to run down things you just don’t seem to have time for?  Check… Continue reading In Case You Missed It – May 14

Social Media Signature in Gmail

I am really liking the Google Chrome browser. It is fast, light-weight and maximizes your viewing area nicely.  Like Mozilla Firefox, it is also customizable (at least with the beta version for the pc).  There is a growing list of extensions available and I’ll probably do another post about which ones I like and use the… Continue reading Social Media Signature in Gmail