The Power of a Funnel

When I saw this writing prompt today, I was perplexed and even amused. What could be inspirational about an ordinary funnel? I looked at the definition of the word to see if there might be something I was overlooking. Nope. Pretty much the same image I had in my mind. “a tube or pipe that… Continue reading The Power of a Funnel

Secrets of Highly Productive Project Managers

There are some very good tips in this post on the LiquidPlanner blog. I am especially interested in experimenting with the first one (create task list at end of day). If you wait until the morning to capture your top priorities, it will take you longer to regain momentum. Furthermore, you’ll easily get distracted by… Continue reading Secrets of Highly Productive Project Managers

Scenes From Leuven

In my job at VWR, I travel to our office in Leuven, Belgium several times a year. Leuven is a very beautiful city with much charm and great Belgian beers.  Here are a few scenes from my trip there this month.


The expectations for the Phillies have never been higher than they are for 2011 season. High Hopes With the off-season return of Cliff Lee, the Phils have 4 starting aces to throw at their NL foes and an offense that even with the loss of Jason Werth, has potential to score runs in bunches. They… Continue reading Expectations

SAP Projects

SAP projects are often large, complex and very expensive endevours for most companies. The value they provide if done right (on time and budget) can be tremendous. For many organizations, and integrated system like SAP will help them realize new levels of efficiency and savings when looked at over the course of many years. To archive those results,… Continue reading SAP Projects

The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

I love this image. In an online and ever connected world like ours, social media and even email can become huge distractions. How do you know if your productivity is getting lost in this Bermuda Triangle? Do you constantly feel the tempting urge to check for new status updates, tweets and email messages that demand your attention? Do… Continue reading The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity


Deadlines. Does anyone really like them? They usually hang over us at work or business, cause stress, anxiety, and even fear. We first experience them in school as our teachers dole out homework announce quizzes and test dates and assign projects to be done.  As we progress from primary to secondary education the deadlines and… Continue reading Deadlines

Casual Friday

Today is Friday. At many work places this means “Casual Friday”.  In my 20 years of being in the work place, a lot has changed in regards to dress code. I remember when I first starting working full time in 1988 men were still required to wear a suit everyday. Today that is almost hard… Continue reading Casual Friday

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