In episode 14 of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Craig talks about how we as leaders need to sharpen our communication skills. It was an excellent espisode – below are my take notes and important take aways. Like it or not, all leaders are communicators – it’s not a choice. The opposite is also true,… Continue reading Communication

Great Leadership Tip – Less Slides, More You

Too often we find ourselves hiding behind our PowerPoint slides. This is a great communication tip to help get our message heard. [click image for short video] Becoming a great leader worth following means personalizing and humanizing your presentations. Make yourself more central and your slide presentation less of the focus. Source: Tip 1 –… Continue reading Great Leadership Tip – Less Slides, More You

Tony Morgan – WIBO Session 2

I attended the Whiteboard Sessions 2010 conference in VA Beach on Friday, May 21. These are my notes from the various speakers. Tony is currently Pastor of Ministries at West Ridge Church near Atlanta. He is a ministry strategist. Big idea: What happens after people connect with our churches. Our objective is to help people… Continue reading Tony Morgan – WIBO Session 2