In episode 14 of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Craig talks about how we as leaders need to sharpen our communication skills. It was an excellent espisode – below are my take notes and important take aways. Like it or not, all leaders are communicators – it’s not a choice. The opposite is also true,… Continue reading Communication

Boss or Leader?

This sounds really obvious but to be an effective leader, you must cast a compelling vision of where you want to take your followers and why.  Equally as obvious is the fact that people cannot read your mind.  This means that to lead well, you must communicate clearly and often. The problem is that vision… Continue reading Boss or Leader?

That Next Step

t’s getting to be that time of year again. A time for reflection, a time for pause and a time to contimplate “what’s next?”.

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Great Leadership Tip – Less Slides, More You

Too often we find ourselves hiding behind our PowerPoint slides. This is a great communication tip to help get our message heard. [click image for short video] Becoming a great leader worth following means personalizing and humanizing your presentations. Make yourself more central and your slide presentation less of the focus. Source: Tip 1 –… Continue reading Great Leadership Tip – Less Slides, More You

Three Principle Strengths of Leaders – Leadercast

3 excellent leadership principals. Click on image or link below for short video. If I had to give you three things that would be, hey, these are the three talents, these are the three skills, these are the three lists of a good leader, Source: Three Principle Strengths of Leaders – Leadercast

Why Blog?

As 2013 comes to an end it provides an opportunity to think about the year that has past and look forward to the year to come.  I am not a big “New Year’s Resolutions” kind of guy but something I will be trying to do more of in 2014 is to write (blog) more often.… Continue reading Why Blog?

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12 Keys to Authentic Leadership – Brad Lomenick

I found Brad’s post to be very compelling.  He highlighted 12 points that are important for leaders if they are going to be authentic in how they lead.  In a digital age authenticity is something that easily is lost. I believe the world needs more authentic leaders, ones that are true to themselves and those… Continue reading 12 Keys to Authentic Leadership – Brad Lomenick