Custom Themes in Gmail

Ah finally!  I’ve been waiting for this capability for a long time!  Last week Google announced the latest update to themes in Gmail.  Now, in addition to being able to select from one of the many HD themes they provide, you can also use your own background image. Have you experimented with gmail themes yet?  

Google TV

Google announced today their latest innovation – Google TV.   The idea and concept is hard to deny.  I wonder if the term “television” will even have any unique meaning in another 10-15 years.  The convergence of the web and traditional technologies continues to blur the distinct boundaries that used to give identity to each.… Continue reading Google TV

In Case You Missed It – May 14

Here are some things I found interesting from the past week or so that you might want to check out.   I would love to hear any thoughts or comments about any of them.  Enjoy! Ever wish you had a personal assistant to run down things you just don’t seem to have time for?  Check… Continue reading In Case You Missed It – May 14

“In Case You Missed It” Friday

I thought I’d try something new this week, which if I like it enough, I may continue in future weeks as well.  Since it’s the end of the week and information seems to flow faster and faster around the interwebs these days, I thought I’d try to summarize and share a quick list of some… Continue reading “In Case You Missed It” Friday

Ever wonder how much of your web site people see?

This is a quick easy way to get a feel if you website (and associated graphics) are visible on most everyone’s browsers. There are many different screen resolutions and if you make your sight too big, it may look okay to you, but what about the other 80% of the people out there? This utility… Continue reading Ever wonder how much of your web site people see?