Open Day (Talleyville Softball) 2011

This weekend Madeline also had her Opening Day game for Talleyville Softball. Like her brother, this is her first year playing at a higher level (Seniors). She is also her first year playing for her Middle School team so I’m very proud of her for both! While she is the youngest on the Seniors Talleyville… Continue reading Open Day (Talleyville Softball) 2011

Opening Day 2011

Today is Opening Day at Naamans Little League. Rowan is playing his first year in the Majors Division on Horizon Services.  Very proud to be his father and look forward to the coming season!  Good luck son!

Ignite Wilmington Lights Up The Queen

Last night Mary and I got to experience our first Ignite Wilmington event. These “Ignite” events are happening in various cities across the country. This was the 5th event in Wilmington area but the first time we had a chance to go. Thanks to a strong social media networking effort across Delaware, Ignite Wilmington is… Continue reading Ignite Wilmington Lights Up The Queen

100 Days

Today I completed The Essential 100 reading plan which I started on YouVersion at the beginning of the year. I mention this not at all out of pride or conceit, but to encourage. If I can do it, I know you can to! Trust me, I am not a fast reader or someone who reads dozens… Continue reading 100 Days


The expectations for the Phillies have never been higher than they are for 2011 season. High Hopes With the off-season return of Cliff Lee, the Phils have 4 starting aces to throw at their NL foes and an offense that even with the loss of Jason Werth, has potential to score runs in bunches. They… Continue reading Expectations

Amazon First in Music Locker Race

Despite not have all of the details worked out with the music industry on licences, Amazon has beat both Google and Apple to the race to be the first major player to create a place where you can store and play your music collection online. Since shutting down Lala about a year ago, Apple has… Continue reading Amazon First in Music Locker Race

Hidden Flaws

Flaws. We all have them. The question is what do we do about them? On the outside things might be looking just fine, but what if there is a problem lurking beneath the surface? Flaws can be ugly and embarrassing so we often want to hide them from those around us. We think they wouldn’t understand… Continue reading Hidden Flaws

Analog Fun

We had the opportunity this weekend to get away for a day as a family and go skiing at Camelback. The run of cold weather last week produced a decent amount of snow in the Poconos and we had not yet had a chance to due any skiing this winter so we decided to take… Continue reading Analog Fun

Love Bumps

My notes from this weekend’s message at Fellowship – part 2 of the “Hitched” series. Some Benefits (and Dangers) of Marriage! – mortality rates – rates of chronic illnesses or disabilities – one’s own health – depression, anxiety and suicide – problems with drinking and substance abuse – financial well-being – rates of violence Marriage… Continue reading Love Bumps