E-A-G-L-E-S !!! Superbowl Parade 2018

My entire life. I have been waiting for this moment my entire life. 52 years in the making, but today was finally the day! Here are some photos and videos of my trip to the parade today on Februrary 8, 2018.

Two for CSU!

Rowan has made his decision on college. After applying and being accepted at University of Delaware West Virginia University University of Pittsburgh Colorado State University His final choice came down to either UD or CSU and he made the decision to be a ram like his sister. His mother and I are both very proud… Continue reading Two for CSU!


Pets. We make them part of our families. We care for them and pay for their food and care. But one day we must say good-bye to them. It is part of life – dying. Even if that pet has been sick and you knew for a long time that it’s days were numbered, there… Continue reading Finality

That Day You Realize Your Daughter is Capable of Great Things

My wife & I have always been proud of our daughter.  Like most parents, with their own children we took pride in all of her childhood milestones from first footsteps, to first words to learning to ride a bike to first day of school.  She did some rather special things growing up including learning how… Continue reading That Day You Realize Your Daughter is Capable of Great Things