You are familiar with the current top-level domains such as .com, .org, .net, etc, but starting in 2013 hundreds of new top-level domains will become available including brand-specific ones like .netflix or .toyota as well as generic ones like .bank or .dental.  These new domain extensions are not cheap however with a price tag of $185,000. Thanks… Continue reading dotChurch

100 Days

Today I completed The Essential 100 reading plan which I started on YouVersion at the beginning of the year. I mention this not at all out of pride or conceit, but to encourage. If I can do it, I know you can to! Trust me, I am not a fast reader or someone who reads dozens… Continue reading 100 Days

Love Bumps

My notes from this weekend’s message at Fellowship – part 2 of the “Hitched” series. Some Benefits (and Dangers) of Marriage! – mortality rates – rates of chronic illnesses or disabilities – one’s own health – depression, anxiety and suicide – problems with drinking and substance abuse – financial well-being – rates of violence Marriage… Continue reading Love Bumps

not a fan.

fan: an enthusiastic admirer. Are there moments in your life where you feel like you are just blending in? Are you just part of the audience? Are there times when you wish you could really engage in your life? Maybe you want to really take a stand for something. Maybe what you really need is… Continue reading not a fan.

Don’t Just Listen – Do Something!

Sharing my notes from Eric’s message today at Fellowship: No Comprendo – Week 4 Big Idea: Do Something with Scripture! Is it possible to read scripture and not be changed? [youversion]John 5:39-40[/youversion] – Danger: Information alone can bring knowledge but not necessarily life change. What happens if we don’t take the final step – APPLICATION?… Continue reading Don’t Just Listen – Do Something!

Toxic Thoughts

Here are my notes from Sunday’s message at Fellowship. Powerful message from Lee White, Elder & Men’s Life Group Leader Toxic Thoughts – Lee White It’s the THOUGHT that counts! – [youversion]Romans 7:15[/youversion] – [youversion]Proverbs 4:23[/youversion] The Big Idea: Identify & reject toxic thoughts and replace them with God’s truth. Five type of negative thoughts:… Continue reading Toxic Thoughts

Toxic Religion

Gus did a great job yesterday talking on the subject of “Toxic Religion“.  Below are the notes I took from his message. Toxic Religion – Gus Sareyka Toxic religion eats away at our spiritual lives. How do we know when our behavior is toxic? – There are over 1000 organized religions in the U.S. Definition:… Continue reading Toxic Religion