Custom Themes in Gmail

Ah finally!  I’ve been waiting for this capability for a long time!  Last week Google announced the latest update to themes in Gmail.  Now, in addition to being able to select from one of the many HD themes they provide, you can also use your own background image. Have you experimented with gmail themes yet?  

Virtual Wallets

This is going to be a very interesting and competitive market over the next 18 to 24 months. What do you think would you try a digital wallet or would you be too concerned about privacy and theft? [For more check out this post.]

Amazon First in Music Locker Race

Despite not have all of the details worked out with the music industry on licences, Amazon has beat both Google and Apple to the race to be the first major player to create a place where you can store and play your music collection online. Since shutting down Lala about a year ago, Apple has… Continue reading Amazon First in Music Locker Race

Picture Safety

With the rise in the number smart phones in the public there is an increasingly easy way for stalkers and predators to find you or your children. A default feature to many smart phones is that GPS tagging is automatically turned on and your location is automatically being captured and included in the photos you… Continue reading Picture Safety

7 Billion

An interesting and eye-opening perspective on our planet reaching the 7 billion population mark by National Geographic who is doing a 7-part series on the subject. The project website says, There will soon be seven billion people on the planet. By 2045 global population is projected to reach nine billion. Can the planet take the… Continue reading 7 Billion

New Year’s Resolution – Post a Day

I recently heard about a challenge from WordPress to get bloggers writing and posting more in 2011.  Mashable & CNN even did write-ups about the challenge. Over the New Year holiday, WordPress issued a challenge to its blogger-users: Write and publish one post a day (or a week) throughout 2011. For non-professional and personal bloggers, writing… Continue reading New Year’s Resolution – Post a Day

In Case You Missed It – May 29

Here are some interesting things I have stumbled upon over the past week.  Enjoy! Michael Hyatt answers a great leadership question – How can you keep inspiration alive in your team or organization?  Clue – it doesn’t involve creating more rules or policies! Should Jesus be thought of as a product? The knee-jerk reaction might… Continue reading In Case You Missed It – May 29