Then and Now… 30 Years Later

2014 marks 30 years since my high school graduation. A lot changes over 3 decades (check out that hair!) even though it doesn’t feel that long. Tonight is my 30th reunion, should be interesting seeing how much we have all changed!  

The Perfect Pour

While in Leuven last week, we found this interesting little bar called the M-café which is part of the M Museum.  In addition to having some very rare and hard to find beers, they gave us an expert demonstration on how to pour a perfect glass of Stella beer!  

iPad Magic for Halloween

Guess we should have seen this coming! With technology present almost everywhere in life, why not in a magic act?  Great job by master magician Simon Pierro! [hat tip to Mashable]

SAP Projects

SAP projects are often large, complex and very expensive endevours for most companies. The value they provide if done right (on time and budget) can be tremendous. For many organizations, and integrated system like SAP will help them realize new levels of efficiency and savings when looked at over the course of many years. To archive those results,… Continue reading SAP Projects

Theatre for Real Men

This is just cool! Produced at the Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo, Japan, Sword Shadow Dance features a samurai who finds himself in a fierce battle with a mysterious shape-shifting shadow. The shadow is projected onto a large, white background and the samurai reacts to its every move.

Star Wars for Real

The are just not as exciting in this context are they?  Almost hard to believe that over 30 years later kids are still dressing up like them, quoting their lines and pretending they had real Light Sabers to battle with! Question: Can you name the character each of these actors played? Post your answers here!… Continue reading Star Wars for Real

Angry Birds Do Super Bowl Head to Rio!

If you haven’t had enough of the Angry Birds yet, just wait – they are to appear in a Super Bowl ad and are headed to Rio! [Email and RSS readers can watch clip here] Question:  Have you played Angry Birds? Is it your favorite current game or do you have another? Post comments here.

Fun Friday

My generation has had the benefit of seeing technology mature in many areas, but one of the most interesting is in gaming.  This past Christmas we got the Kinect for the Xbox 360, where you are the controller and you hold nothing.  It is pretty amazing.  This video gives us a great look back at… Continue reading Fun Friday