Things We Can Learn From Animals –  How to Fail

I often think we were given pets to help us learn how to be better humans. Most often the lesson is about unconditional love (or picking up crap – but that’s a post for another day!) Sometimes what they can teach us is about less obvious things, like learning how to fail well.

Everyone fails. Nobody’s perfect. But not many people fail well.

We humans tend to really get down on ourselves (and each other) when we fail at things, but not dogs. Nope, when they fail they just get up and try again. They don’t care if anyone saw them or if worry what the other dogs will think. They shake it off and keep going.

I think we can do well to be more like our canine best friend in this category!  Learn to fail well my friend!

Besides, who doesn’t love a good ‘Fail’ video, especially when you are not a laughing at another person?  🙂