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If you use a web-based mail service like Gmail or Yahoo you may not be aware that you can add an automatic signature to the bottom of your emails. It wasn’t until recently that Gmail actually even gave you basic formating controls (like bold, font color, etc) so previously only plain text was possible.

There are many ways to now add a better looking signature into your email including the native one found in Gmail.  If you want to take it another step, there are also plugin extensions that also give very robust and professional looking signatures.   I discovered and starting using AutoPen over a year ago.  While it took some work to set up, it gives the ability to have multiple signatures if you have more that one email account that you send mail from.  I have 3 email addresses and this gives me the flexibility of a different signature with each one.   This image is an example of one of them.  In the actual signature each social media icon has a link associated with it.

Another one that I have recently come across which looks to be easy to setup is Wisestamp.   Both of these are extensions to the Google Chrome browser, so you have to be using Chrome for either to work.  Below is a clip to show you how it works.

I would love to hear if anyone else is using either of these or another service that they have found. Let me know in the comments!

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WiseStamp Demo from wisestamp on Vimeo.

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