200 Pomegranates

In just a few weeks, on Sept 1, Shawn Wood’s first book will be available on Amazon.  “200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One: Creating a Life of Meaning and Influence”. I am very excited for him and am looking forward to reading it myself. In this excerpt about the book from the book’s website, you get a sense of the passion and excellence that all of long for in our life.

Everyone longs to live a life of meaning and purpose, to leave
something of real worth behind when we’re gone. All too often, we feel
that our day-to-day tasks make no difference in the great scheme of
things. The truth is exactly the opposite—God has given each of us
extraordinary power to create beauty and transform the world through
our daily work and ordinary actions. You have immense potential to
develop your God-given talents and contribute something that makes a
difference in the world, be it through construction or counseling,
doing people’s taxes carefully and ethically, or raising and teaching
children. Even if your contribution seems to go unnoticed by others,
you can rest assured that God sees and values your work.

Being a ‘techie’ I am always encouraged by examples of craftsmen who are using their craft to serve the Lord.  This message, however, goes well beyond any one specific craft or skill set, but that should not take away from the personal message for us as individuals.  As Shawn asks, “You too are an artist, equipped with a palette of skills and strengths
that can honor God and impact the world in amazing ways. Where will you
make your mark?
“  There is way too much at stake to not use the gifts God has give you!

What is the connection to pomegranates you ask?  What the heck is a pomegranate?  You’ll have to check out the web site to find out!