A More Manly Easter

Have you noticed how Easter has often had a very feminine feel to it? The tone and approach in many churches will have a very nice and beautiful feel to it. They may still deliver the good news about the resurrection, hopefully they do, but the appeal of their style is often geared more to the women and the kids.  They may not do that intentionally, but it happens.

This Easter, I’m encouraged by the efforts of LifeChurch.tv and NewSpring.cc.  I just experienced the first installment of LifeChurch’s “Warrior” seriesvia their internet campus, which seems to have roots in the “Wild at Heart” book by John Eldredge which I read last summer and am continuing to go through the study guide this year.


NewSpring is launching their series called “Sex Money and Power – The Man Series” on Easter Sunday.


Why would they do this? That is where I am encouraged.  Tony Morgan from NewSpring posted about it and said,

Men are MIA in U.S. Churches 

‘Nearly one-in-five men say they have no formal religious affiliation, compared with roughly 13 percent of women.’” With men under 50 being the largest group that doesn’t have a religious affiliation, I’m glad we’re launching a series on Easter that’s specifically targeted to men.

Have you ever thought about the American male as an “un-reached” segment of our population?  Maybe we haven’t done it intentionally, but have we historically driven men away from our churches and our portrayal of Christ because we have made them too effeminate?  Lord is a warrior, the greatest one ever. I’m glad to see these churches starting new series on Easter. If a guy only makes it to 1 or 2 services a year, it is normally Christmas and Easter. Maybe this will help get the attention of a few men who so desperately need to hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ!