Amazing Grace

This weekend we remember the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is easy to do this in the frame of mind like we might remember Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day. We know the facts but we treat them as distant events, not really important to our daily life. 

This weekend, I encourage us all to remember the personal nature of what Christ did. He did not die on the cross for just ‘all humanity’.  He died on the cross for me.  He suffered the beatings and the torture for you.  Even if there was no one else, he still would have done so. That just blows me away. 

No matter what Easter service you might go to, or what style of worship you may enjoy, I hope we all can remember the absolute personal nature of what Christ did and what that means to us.  May that encourage you and remind you that God has great plans for you. Christ didn’t die for mediocrity.  He died so that we might have life and have it abundantly! He has paid the price, laid down the ransom that we might be free.  He didn’t do it for the godly or the rightous. He did it for the ungodly, the broken and the dirty.  What an Amazing Grace that is!

I bet you’ve never heard Areosmith’s Steven Tyler sing Amazing Grace before.  Remember, there is no one too far from the love of Christ!