Be More Productive with Highrise

Is your e-mail inbox haunting you? Do you have trouble getting back to people when you say you would? Do your professional relationships and networking suffer because you can’t remember details of previous conversions?  Enter Highrise from 37Signals.

Highrise is basically a CRM tool, but think of it as “The smarter way to keep track of the people you do business with.” It is a tool that is contact-centric, but at the same time very intuiative, flexible, and a joy to use. You might be thinking, “Hey, I’m not in sales. Why do I need a CRM tool?”  Well, you might not be in sales but chances are you still work with other people, have friends or other contacts you need to keep track of, maybe work in or around a church and have interaction with adults or students and would benefit from keeping track of those encounters. 

In addition to contacts, Highrise will also allow you to easily create tasks which might be related to a contact, such as a follow-up phone call or other activity. You can even have reminders for those to-do’s show up on your calendar (via iCal format) or come with e-mail or text message reminders.

The beauty of Highrise really comes in it’s easy of use. Beyond just the clean and simple web interface, you can also very easily update your Highrise contacts or tasks via an email dropbox. For me this is the real beauty of the product.  Have an email from someone that you want to store in that person’s contact history (or even an email you are sending to them)? Watch this video to see how easy it is to add that to Highrise!

Highrise is great at helping your keep your inbox clean. In addition to being able to file those contact-related messages to update Highrise, you can also easily create tasks with automatic reminders allowing you to archive those messages instead of being stressed out by them.  Watch this video for a quick overview of how this works:


You can use it as individual (for free), or there are reasonable priced plans if you want to use it as an organization.  To learn more, take the tour – you’ll be glad you did! If you do sign-up, be sure to use “GREGDAVIS” as a referrer code.