Blogging Through the Bible

An interesting news story today in Yahoo which says,

“If pious Muslims follow the Koran, might Christians and Jews benefit from a closer read of their scriptures too? Can Biblical verses help make them better people, better parents, or even get along better with their in-laws? “

The article is about a guy, David Plotz, who has a project whereby is is blogging his way through the Bible and making very secular observations and summaries about what he reads.  The blog is hosted by, an online magazine.  He is a Jewish lay person and taking a very frank look at the Old Testament. 

It is an interesting project and while you may not agree with his opinions you do have to give him credit for one thing, getting people to look at the scriptures in context of modern day life.  Perhaps there are others out there who might try to do the same.  Perhaps it could be a way for small-group Bible studies to read and interact over various passages of both Old and New Testaments.  Maybe there are people you know who wouldn’t come to a formal Bible study but would be willing to interact over the biblical text in a relaxed non-pressured way. 

The Bible and its message are indeed timeless.  The methods and tools and techniques we have to interact with it and to communicate the Gospel to others are endless!  May the Holy Spirit work through you and prompt you for ways to be “fishers of men” wherever you are.