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Couldn’t help but laugh at this one today. It also made me think about how we so often overlook or don’t even notice the everyday things (branches) in our lives and when someone does, it seems funny or even weird. Yet, the truth is those ordinary, everyday things in life are also some of the most remarkable.

Ever stop to thing about the beating of your heart or the breathing that you are doing right now? If you are like me, you probably don’t give things like that much consideration, unless you have an illness or pain which causes you to think about it. Yet, if they stopped, we would be history within seconds.

What about the not so life threatening but still everyday things like your friends or family? What about your home or job or car or clothes? Chances are we get bored with the ordinary and the familiar rather quickly and soon we start craving something new. I guess it is just human nature.

Maybe that is why I like technology so much – it is always changing, always creating something new to learn or understand.

I read this passage today in Job 37:24 which says, “So bow to him in deep reverence, one and all!

If you’re wise, you’ll most certainly worship him.”
I believe taking notice of the countless everyday things in life that God blesses us with is a small way we can worship and give reverence to Him.

Noticed any “branches” today?