C3 on the Road – Session 3

Continuing my notes from the C3 conference on Monday, Oct 13 at NorthwayChurch in New York.

In Session 3 Ed Young continued to go over the 10.5 Commandments of Creativity.  In the previous session he covered the first 2.

  1. It’s The Weekend (Stupid)
  2. You Need Time for Creativity
  3. You Need a Creative Team
    • Gives you fresh ideas
    • Gives you confidence
    • Gives you on-sight critique 
    • Great training ground for future leaders and speakers
    • Helps you know who is coming on the weekend
  4. Thou Shalt Ask Critical Questions
    • Too often fear & pride get in the way of asking questions.
    • Go for the A.S.K. instead A Always, S – Seeking, K – Knowledge.
    • Too many churches worship the process instead of the purpose. They become like a big cruise ship which is hard and slow to turn instead of being like a quick, fast, speed boat.
    • Ask questions of other people around 4 zones:
      • Confirmation – what are we doing that is good?
      • Cancellation – what are we doing that should be stopped?
      • Copy – what are they doing that we can copy?
      • Create – what do we need to create because nobody else is doing it?
  5. Thou Shalt Talk About the Vision Regularly
    • You must let your ‘vision light’ shine – all the time!
    • How often are you talking about your vision?
    • It is not possible to talk about it too much – despite what you think!
  6. Thou Shalt Ride a Fate of Waves
    • Need a regular work / break pattern to spur creativity
    • You must have regular scheduled time off for yourself and your team.
  7. Thou Shalt Not Steal an Idea Without Making it Better
  8. Thou Shalt Work Your Rear Off
  9. Thou Shalt Hire “Yes” Men
    • Y = Yielded to God and you
    • E = Encouraging (team players)
    • S = Strong
  10. Thou Shalt Grow by Strategic Subtraction
    • As a tiger shark, don’t be bothered chasing after bait fish and end up beaching yourself
    • It is just as important to understand who is leaving your church (loosing them can be a good thing).
    • It will always hurt, but it cannot be avoided
    • You need to surround yourself with the right “they”.
      • T = Tough
      • H = Honest
      • E = Encouraging
      • Y = Yielded to you
    • The wrong they will keep you in the fray. Be more like Nehemiah and don’t let them distract you from your goals.
    • Negative comments – don’t read or listen to them.
  11. (Or 10.5)  Thou Shalt Not Lie About The Numbers
    • Are you structured for growth? – Churches who are effective are staff-led. Leaders need to lead not laymen.
    • Who are you reaching? (are you just sheep-stealing?)  Measure:
      • Baptisms
      • Small Groups
      • Volunteers
      • New Memberships
    • Where are you putting your money?
      • Does it reflect your priorities?
      • How do you pay your staff?
      • Small well-paid staff is better than one that is large and underpaid