Christian Collages

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Every month (sometimes week) there is a new web site with christian media for sale. Finding good ones that are still affordable, can often be difficult. Recently I have found Christian Collages. BVBC now has a lifetime membership which gives us the ability for unlimited downloades to their library (contact me and I can let you know what our login information is).

What I like about the site is that it is high quality and their are many worship sets for specific worship songs. So often we spend hours trying to find the right background for the right song. Here, you can find most of the common worship songs already in the library and more being added.

I believe we will see more sites like this one as people with God given talent for the (electronic) arts apply their gifts. I believe we are still on the beginning of the learning curve to maturity in Christian graphic design for worship, but I am excited about a few of the high quality sites out there.

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