Thanks to Cory Miller for highlighting his little gem of a new producted called, CircleUp!    Basically it is a handy web-based tool that allows you to ask a group of people (from work, family, church, etc) any question and it will collect all of their responses and nicely summarize the results for you.  You can even ask your contacts questions that will be delivered to them over IM or email – your choice. Think of all of those numerous IM and email responses you have to filter through everytime you are trying to ask a group of people even a simple question! 

Think about some of the immediate uses in various ministry areas like Youth / Student Minstry with question like these:

  • Who will be available this Sunday to help with xyz event?
  • Who can drive on the upcoming retreat?
  • What day is best for our monthly meeting?
  • What should we call this new minstry team?

The possibilities are almost endless!  


Think about a nice summarized response in table and graphical format like this! No more having to shift through your inbox and filing responses away and then having to manually try to figure out who responded and who didn’t.

The tool is free to try out and explore so have fun.  You can learn more about it here.