Communication Process Insights from GCC

Kem Meyer has posted today about the process Granger Community Church uses in their communications. She includes links to 8 different PDF process documents that they use.  You can read her post (including the links for downloads) here.  In summary the items she talks about are:

  1. All Church Promotions Process (big picture)
  2. Speaking Schedule for the Year (tool)
  3. Promotions Outline (tool)
  4. Series Promotion (team documentation)
  5. Communications Department Routines (team documentation)
  6. All Church Communications Values (foundational)
  7. All Church Communications Priorities (foundational)
  8. Big Idea Worksheet  (tool)

Be sure to check them out and really think about what can be improved in your church’s communication process.  Regardless if you like Granger’s style or not, you can’t help but admire their organization around communications and making sure their ministry leaders are all on the same page and working together as a team.