Counter-Cultural “Contemporary” Worship?

The guys at Midnight Oil Productions have some interesting reading on the subject of what “contemporary” worship is (or isn’t) and what “emergent” worship is.

In the first article, Temporary �Contemporary� Worship they do a great job of reminding us that what we first called contemporary has a way of becoming the new tradition. Think you know the difference between contemporary and traditional? Read this article and see what you learn!

In the article, Being Cultural and Counter-Cultural at the Same Time, they talk about how the tension that should exist in a healthy church around the two sides of Jesus’ nature, fully human, fully God. Which Jesus do you worship? Which Jesus do you lead people to worship? Does church favor one of the other? Which do you relate to more? Read this article for some thought provoking ideas on the subject. Feel free to put some comments here about your thoughts and impressions and get a dialog going.