Dared Out of iPhone (and the long lines!)

For the past 2 years, I have been using a Motorola Q smart phone. It was my first experience with the Windows Mobile and I must say I was pleased.  The functionality was good, the phone was slim and the feel of the keys was nice. It was a definite step up from previous phones I had and allowed for web browsing, the installation of other apps like a Bible reader, and NewsGator Mobile (for RSS feeds). I also liked how it sync’d contacts with my Yahoo address book.

This month my Verizon Wireless contract was up for renewal and I was eligible for a new phone. Naturally, with all of the hype about the new 3G iPhone, I was seriously considering making a switch to AT&T.  However, Verizon just came out recently with the a touch screen phone – the LG Dare. Wow! was I impressed. 

I visited the Verizon store on Sunday and came home with my first touch screen phone.  I must say it was strange not have any keys to to press!  I am sure the iPhone is still superior in many ways, but I was able to pick this baby up for only $159 (with my contract renewal) and I was able to lower the monthly payment on my family wireless plan! 

If you are considering making the jump to an iPhone you might also want to check out the CNET review of some smart alternatives.  They had the following to say about the Dare:

What makes it cool? The LG Dare has a touch screen that allows icons to be dragged and dropped so that it can be customized for shortcuts on the home screen. It offers a sketch pad that allows users to draw pictures that can be sent via MMS to friends. It also has a 3.2 megapixel camera with face detection, panorama photo stitching, and SmartPic technology designed for taking photos in low light. It offers an embedded camcorder. And like the Voyager, it can be used with Verizon’s VCast Music and Video services.

What are its shortcomings? The Web browser and media player is not as good as the iPhone, according to CNET Reviews editor Nicole Lee. There’s no Wi-Fi. And also no integration with Microsoft Outlook to access work email.

The Dare also has GPS capability. A rotating full QWERTY on-screen keyboard, mobile web, email, and more. The battery life has been outstanding and what’s better than the iPhone – it can be replaced!  One of my biggest disappointments in the iPhone is still the lack of MMS features.  No ability to take a picture and send it to someone! 

Also, before you make the jump to an iPhone, you might want to know what it is really going to cost you.  Making the switch isn’t cheap and the new AT&T data plan with the 3G network does cost more. I understand that a portion of the month fee also goes to Apple. 

I am certainly not bashing the iPhone. In the past year, it has had a great influence on the mobile phone industry and has caused others to step up. I like that!  It is also and interesting metaphor for inspiration within the church. We should never be content with the status quo. We should always be looking for new and creative ways to reach people for Christ. God has given us creative brains and we need to always be tapping into the potential he has blessed us with! My the work of others also inspire and motivate us in the journey!