Day 12 of 31 – Rail Car One

The local Wilmington, Delaware theme continues! The past Monday, December 7 was Delaware Day, the day in 1787, when Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution, thus making Delaware the first state in the New Nation. In honor of the day that Delaware became a state and now having the first President-elect from the First State, Wilmington Brew Works has come up with a great double / imperial IPA – Rail Car One.
Joe Biden, who will be our 46th president, is famous for taking the train from Wilmington to Washington, D.C during his many years as a senator. While he may not be doing that as President, if he did, that train would indeed become “Rail Car One”.  Think of the plane the president flies on, Air Force One, only in train form and you’d have “Rail Car One”.
As the description says, “A beautiful beer worthy of a great train ride. Overflowing with Mosaic, Citra and Sultana hops, this represents the finest that Delaware has to offer. While #46 may not engage in the occasional tipple, his fine friends in the First State certainly do. And that’s something we can all agree on”

For the month of December I am going to try a different beer every day! Here’s the log so far:
1. Sabotage #3 (DIPA) by Round Guys Brewing Company  3.8/5.0
2. Organik Amplitude  (NE Pale Ale) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.3/5.0
3. Eutony (DIPA) by Hidden River Brewing Co  3.5/5.0
4. Sartorial Absence  (DNEIPA) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.5/5.0
5. Dorsia (Belgian Triple) by Stitch House Brewery 3.7/5.0
6. Winter Reserve Coffee Stout (2020) by 2SP Brewing  4.2/5.0
7. Sour Monkey (sour) by Victory Brewing  3.8/5.0
8. Stormy Escapes (Imperial Stout) by Triple Bottom Brewing  4.5/5.0
9. Nocturnal Indiscretion; Midnight Snacks – Vanilla (Stout – Other) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.4/5.0
10. Moselle (lager – pale) by Allagash Brewing Company  4.0/5.0
11. Snitchez Get Stitchz (DIPA) by Stitch House Brewery  4.1/5.0
12. Rail Car One (DIPA) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.9/5.0
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