Day 22 of 31 – Amorphous Solstice

I ended up with more than 1 beer that was related to the winter solstice, so today I a had “Amorphous Solstice” from¬†@locustlanecb. This was an imperial / double New England IPA (think hazy with a heavy dose of pineapple and citrus from the blizzard amounts of Idaho 7 hops.)
As the winter solstice, marks the shortest day of the year and it will be a long 6 months before the summer solstice in June, at least each day will be a little bit longer than the one before. Something to look forward to after a long, hard 2020. Amorphous means without shape or form, so I guess that would describe the liquid form of beer pretty well – only contained by the glass or can. Here’s to drinking a little unformed winter sunshine in a glass!

For the month of December I am going to try a different beer every day! Here’s the last 10:

1. Sabotage #3 (DIPA) by Round Guys Brewing Company  3.8/5.0
2. Organik Amplitude  (NE Pale Ale) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.3/5.0
3. Eutony (DIPA) by Hidden River Brewing Co  3.5/5.0
4. Sartorial Absence  (DNEIPA) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.5/5.0
5. Dorsia (Belgian Triple) by Stitch House Brewery 3.7/5.0
6. Winter Reserve Coffee Stout (2020) by 2SP Brewing  4.2/5.0
7. Sour Monkey (sour) by Victory Brewing  3.8/5.0
8. Stormy Escapes (Imperial Stout) by Triple Bottom Brewing  4.5/5.0
9. Nocturnal Indiscretion; Midnight Snacks ‚Äď Vanilla (Stout ‚Äď Other) by Wilmington Brew Works¬† 4.4/5.0
10. Moselle (lager ‚Äď pale) by Allagash Brewing Company¬† 4.0/5.0
11. Snitchez Get Stitchz (DIPA) by Stitch House Brewery  4.1/5.0
12. Rail Car One (DIPA) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.9/5.0
13. Philly Special IPA (NEIPA) by Iron HIll Brewery  4.0/5.0
14. Gravitational Confection: Pumpkin Pie (2020)  (Belgian Quadrupel) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.5/5.0
15. Winter Warmer by Iron Hill Brewery  3.8/5.0
16. Halle and Oats (American Pale Ale) by Calvert Brewing Company  3.6/5.0
17. Reindeer’s Revenge (Belgian Triple) by Iron HIll Brewery  4.0/5.0
18. Mad Elf (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)  by Tröegs Independent Brewing  4.6/5.0
19. Game Day IPA (American IPA) by Locust Lane Craft Brewery  4.0/5.0
20. Up, Up, & Away (DNEIPA) by 2SP Brewing  4.1/5.0
21. Path of the Sun (Cocoa) (Imperial Stout) by Revelation Craft Brewing Company 4.4/5.0
22. Amorphous Solstice (DNEIPA) by Locust Lane Craft Brewery  3.8/5.0