Day 31 of 31 – Belgian Quad

¬†Here we are… end of the month and New Year’s Eve! ūüéČ For this last post of 31 days of beer, I am having “Belgian Quad” from¬†@locustlanecb. This is a complex, dark strong ale loaded with malty flavors of dark fruits like raisins and tart cherry complemented by a hint of classic Belgian spiciness. They also added fig and plum to the mix making this the perfect brew for the long winter ahead! ūüėč

While 2020 was full of many things we’d rather forget (or at least get behind us), I’m grateful for family, friends, and yes, local craft breweries, that help us to get through it all. Here’s to hoping for a year that helps us all start to get back on the path to normal where we can all share a beer together and have a toast in person instead of zoom. I also look forward to the day when I can get back to Belgium and have one of these in that country again!

For the month of December I am going to try a different beer every day! Here’s the final list:

1. Sabotage #3 (DIPA) by Round Guys Brewing Company  3.8/5.0
2. Organik Amplitude  (NE Pale Ale) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.3/5.0
3. Eutony (DIPA) by Hidden River Brewing Co  3.5/5.0
4. Sartorial Absence  (DNEIPA) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.5/5.0
5. Dorsia (Belgian Triple) by Stitch House Brewery 3.7/5.0
6. Winter Reserve Coffee Stout (2020) by 2SP Brewing  4.2/5.0
7. Sour Monkey (sour) by Victory Brewing  3.8/5.0
8. Stormy Escapes (Imperial Stout) by Triple Bottom Brewing  4.5/5.0
9. Nocturnal Indiscretion; Midnight Snacks ‚Äď Vanilla (Stout ‚Äď Other) by Wilmington Brew Works¬† 4.4/5.0
10. Moselle (lager ‚Äď pale) by Allagash Brewing Company¬† 4.0/5.0
11. Snitchez Get Stitchz (DIPA) by Stitch House Brewery  4.1/5.0
12. Rail Car One (DIPA) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.9/5.0
13. Philly Special IPA (NEIPA) by Iron HIll Brewery  4.0/5.0
14. Gravitational Confection: Pumpkin Pie (2020)  (Belgian Quadrupel) by Wilmington Brew Works  4.5/5.0
15. Winter Warmer by Iron Hill Brewery  3.8/5.0
16. Halle and Oats (American Pale Ale) by Calvert Brewing Company  3.6/5.0
17. Reindeer’s Revenge (Belgian Triple) by Iron HIll Brewery  4.0/5.0
18. Mad Elf (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)  by Tröegs Independent Brewing  4.6/5.0
19. Game Day IPA (American IPA) by Locust Lane Craft Brewery  4.0/5.0
20. Up, Up, & Away (DNEIPA) by 2SP Brewing  4.1/5.0
21. Path of the Sun (Cocoa) (Imperial Stout) by Revelation Craft Brewing Company 4.4/5.0
22. Amorphous Solstice (DNEIPA) by Locust Lane Craft Brewery  3.8/5.0
24. Unknown Legend (Golden Ale) collaboration by 2SP Brewing and Love City Brewing  3.8/5.0
25. Yippee-Ki-PA (IPA) by Baerlic Brewing Company  4.5/5.0
26. Chocolate Porter by River Horse Brewing Co. 4.1/5.0
27. Abrasive Ale (DIPA) by Surly Brewing Company  4.2/5.0
28. This is Mrs. Ridiculous (Farmhouse Ale ‚Äď Saison)¬† 4.7/5.0
29. Path of the Sun (Raspberry) (Imperial Stout) by Autumn Arch Beer Project  4.5/5.0
30. Tepache (Fruited Sour) by Dogfish Head  3.2/5.0
31. Belgian Quad by Locust Lane Craft Brewery  4.3/5.0