Do You Jott?

  In case you haven’t heard about this yet, you will definitely want to try out a new free service called Jott.  It is a simple and very effective way to help keep you organized and not forget things.

How often have you been somewhere (car, store, back yard, etc) and thought of something you don’t want to forget?  Most often we never have a piece of paper or pen to write it down so we try really hard to make ourselves remember but only to do so days or weeks later (oops).

Jott can help!  Probably the one thing most people do carry with them where ever they go is their cell phone. With Jott, you sign-up for a free account at once you do, you’ll be given a toll free (877) number that you can call. This is where the magic comes in! The next time you think of something you want to remember, simply call the Jott number from your phone (even better when you add to your speed dial). You can then speak your thought in your normal voice and Jott will not only record it for you, it will also send it to your email account so when you do get back to your computer, you will have your thought transcribed into plain text in the body of an email message!

Not only can you Jott to yourself this way, you can also Jott to other people by adding them to your Jott contacts. You can even create Jott groups so you can say something once and send it to many people at the same time! You can even blog with Jott!  For an overview, see Jott in Action and try for yourself – you won’t be sorry!

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