End of Spring Break

Where do 8 year old boys get all of their energy?


Mary & the kids and I took advantage of the sunny and almost 50 degree weather to go for an afternoon hike at Brandywine Creek State Park yesterday. It was a perfect early Spring  day, the kind just before any real new growth or buds have appeared. While it still had a look of winter, there was a feel of Spring in the air. You could almost  feel the unrealized energy that was building in the ground and in the trees.

I couldn’t help but laugh as my son exhibited much of that same energy himself as he was always running 50 to 75 yards ahead of his mother, myself, and his sister. He probably covered 1.5 to 2 times as much territory as we did as he was taking every opportunity to climb nearby rocks, trees and hills.

At 8, I guess you could say he his nearing the ‘spring time’ of his young life. It won’t be long before the energy and innocence that comes with this age gives way to other seasons of life. I want to enjoy all of them with him, in ways my father, due to age and health, never could. I thank God for days like Sunday.

I am glad for family time together, especially on sunny Sunday afternoons. This week the kids head back to school as Spring Break is over in Delaware. I know they aren’t too happy about that but hopefully they will have some fond memories to look back upon. Friday at the Franklin Institute (complete with Star Wars exhibit) and today were good times together as a family. Thank you to my wife, Mary, who sees to it that our family has these times!