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Source: Enterprise WordPress hosting options beyond VIP

As WordPress grows and matures both as a content management system and as an application platform, it becomes a more serious option as a solution for the corporate enterprise. This becomes even more so as the developer and user community is becoming more and more familiar with WordPress.  Add to that the fact that WordPress is open source, fully GPL (free) application that doesn’t require expensive licensing fees, corporations have a serious responsibility to consider WordPress in their application portfolios.

This is indeed taking place and not unexpectedly, there is a growing market around the different hosting options for the WordPress enterprise space.  At this level, quality hosting becomes every bit as important as the software itself – maybe even more so.

In addition, there is a growing market for companies like Crowd Favorite, 10up, and WebDevStudios to help enterprise customers implement WordPress solutions in a very professional manner.

93.3 WMMR | Everything That Rocks!While at the WordCamp Philly 2015 event this past weekend, I met a couple guys at lunch who were from Greater Media which is the company that owns many radio stations through the country including 4 very well known ones in the Philly area – WMMR – 93.3, MGK 102.9, BEN-FM 95.7, and The Fanatic – 97.5.

The are in the middle of a major website upgrade project for all of their stations and they are being converted to WordPress.  Check out the WMMR site and see how well it works on different devices (desktop and mobile). It is very media rich but has been designed to perform well with a diversity of devices and screen sizes.

They will be savings hundreds of thousands of dollars by not using the locked down, proprietary software they had in the past and will have the ability and freedom to easily and quickly make content updates – all thanks to WordPress!

It is an exciting time to start to see WordPress crossing over in the corporate world and not just for blogging.  WordPress is indeed an application platform that can support blogs, full content management, and applications.