Expand Your Mind – Google Reader

I have mentioned before about the benefits of having a blog (RSS) reader to help make life easier to keep up with your favorite people, company, web sites, or news.  Personally, I recommend Google Reader. It is simple and easy to use.  If you have not yet tried it, now is the time!  Here is a new welcome page they have released that will help you get started!

Google Reader helps me keep up on what is going on in the world of technology, the church and friends blogs.  Without a reader I would be forced to visit every site individually (if I remembered). This way, their updates come to me and I can read them on my schedule, like a customized and home delivered electronic newspaper or magazine! The best part is I can access it anywhere, even from my phone!

Not everyone can (or should) write a blog, but everyone can benefit from reading them! Through a blog reader like Google Reader, you can readily have access to authors and content that would have been impossible just a few years ago. What are you interested in? What hobbies to you have? Find the sites & people you are interested in, subscribe and start to expand your mind!