Facebook 101

Two Sundays ago, Dec 7, I had to opportunity to kick-off a “Facebook 101” class at church.  I did part 2 this past Sunday, Dec 14, and the idea behind the class was to help folks who have been reluctant to get on board with Facebook understand why we use it as a church and the basic steps to get going.

In preparing for this class I have created a few slides. Here is the set from the first week – Part 1:

For Part 2 I also have some slides (which had some review from Part 1), but in addition have also created a few screencast presentations. I did these for 2 reasons. First – the school district has an internet filter / block on the Facebook.com website, so I can’t get to it directly during the class. Second – I can reshare the information for later use – like here! So here are the slides for Part 2:

I created videos for it in both standard and high definition.  For easy reference, I’ve included a media roll below with individual links to the 4 high def presentations.  You are free to use any of these if they help you, I just ask that you let me know when you use them.  Also, I will be creating more and adding to these as time goes on.  If there is something you need and it’s not currently available, let me know and I might be able to create it for you.