Feed Your Blog to Twitter

If you have decided to try Twitter (see previous post) then you might also be interested in this handy little utlity: TwitterFeed

Here is what it does for you – if you are a blogger and a twitter, you can use TwitterFeed to send your blog’s RSS feed to Twitter.  This has the effect of updating your Twitter status with a link to you latest blog post.  You can also add a prefix if you want, something like “New Blog Post:” or just leave blank. TwitterFeed will automatically add the title of your blog post to the message it sends to twitter along with a link to the post itself.

Just 3 steps to get started:

  1. Create your Twitter account, if you haven’t already (you’ll need your username and password)
  2. Logon to TwitterFeed using an OpenID
  3. Supply the URL to your blog’s RSS feed.

After that, their server will check your blog’s feed at the specified interval and post any new items to your twitter account. Presto!   You can even have more than one blog being fed via TwitterFeed to the same Twitter account, which creates some interesting possibilities.