Fellowship Church Now on Twitter

Good news for all of you out there in Twitter-land.  You can now follow Fellowship Church, on Twitter!  If you are not sure what that means or why the church would be on Twitter, you can check out a few previous posts on the subject, but the basic idea is simply another place where you can find out what is going on at the church. Generally updates will pertain to the church at large, but you may also find updates / announcements that are for specific areas or groups within the church. 

If you haven’t tried Twitter yet, I encourage you to just experiment.  Create a free account on Twitter.com and start by just following a few people. You don’t have to update anything about yourself at first, just observe and learn until you are ready to do more.

Here are a few others at Fellowship that you can try following. Just click on the link and then click on the “follow” button underneath their profile picture.

Happy “tweeting”!