How to Subscribe

Okay, if you are new to the world of blogging you might not be aware of something called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Basically, you can think of RSS as a tool that allows you (the reader) to subscribe to updates (content) without ever giving out your email address.  This capability is becoming more and more popular as it puts you in control of the content you receive without having to worry about SPAM or emails clogging your inbox.  Read more about What the Heck is RSS

The only thing you need to take advantage of RSS is a reader or aggregator.  There are plenty available (for free).  One of the more common web-based ones are bloglines and Newsgator.  If you already use sites like My Yahoo or My Google, etc – they already have this functionality built in.  Firefox users also have this with the Livebook marks feature (IE 7 will also have this).   Once you have your RSS reader of choice, simply click on the link on the left hand side of this page which is just under the “About this Web Site” title.  You’ll see the icon
which you can click on.  This will take you to a page from feedburner which will let you choose with a single-click to subscribe with any of the most common RSS aggregator.

You’ll find that RSS feeds are not just limited to blogs either.  Many websites are publishing their content now via RSS.  Just take a look at any news site such as or even Christianity Today.  Wherever you see that orange icon above or the older “XML” button, you’ll know that you can “subscribe” to the feed.


Over time we’ll see RSS readers become more directly integrated right into email clients (some already have done so), but either way RSS is completely “opt-in”.  You subscribe to a syndicated feed (anonymously) and never have to worry about your email account being misused.  New content will be “delivered” directly to you (kind of like a magazine subscription would be) only faster!  What’s more, you decided when to stop receiving a feed with a single mouse-click – it is that easy!  

So what are you waiting for – subscribe today!