Jesus LifeHouse Church

I had a unique opportunity this past Sunday to attend an upbeat and joyful church service while on a business trip in Tokyo. My wife, Mary, found Jesus LifeHouse Church on the internet before I left, and it turned out to only be a 10 minute walk from my hotel.


The service was bilingual and everything from the music to the announcments to the message was done in both English and Japaneese. I found being able to worship and sing songs in two languages to be very moving. Kind of reminded me of what Heaven will some day be like, when people of all races, cultures and languages will worship Jesus in all his glory.

I found the group of believers there be very friendly and welcoming. The message that was given was a very simple message about keeping prayer simple and open to all in the church. Click here to download and listen to the message yourself or stream it from there website here(just scroll to the bottom of the page).