Knowing When To Say “No”

It is always good to rememberthat the use of technology always needs to be judged against God’s Word. Sometimes it is easy for a person, a group of people, or even an entire cultureto get disillusioned by the Great Deceiver and to blindly follow technology fortechnology sake. While not the first and probably not the last battle onthis front, it was encouraging to see President Bush veto this week’s Stem CellResearch bill [see news photo].
As Christians and consumers of technology, we must always stand ready to say”no” when the use of that technology goes against God’s law. Like money, it is not technology that is evil, but the misuse (or perhaps loveof it), that creates problems. We must pray continually and ask God forwisdom and discernment regarding any new technology and seek His will for howif and how it can be used to bring Him glory.
Give thanks to God for President Bush taking a stand and exercising his vetopower on this issue. Pray that future bills that seek to legalize the useof embryonic stem cells for “research” would also be defeated.

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