Life. Money. Hope.

I am very excited about the new 3-part series that we are starting this Sunday at Fellowship – “Life. Money. Hope.” taught by Dave Ramsey (via video). 

There are many people worried about their finances in these troubled ecomonic times but even if your job is secure (right now), there are sound biblical principals that everyone can benefit from. How much better to get your house in order while the ship is still afloat!

If you are one of those struggling and are feeling like there is no way out or that it is too late – don’t believe it! God’s Word is full of wisdom and He is greater and more powerful than any of your financial problems. But don’t delay in getting help. Don’t let pride or ignorance get in the way of taking that first important step.


In this series we will hear about:

  1. The Baiscs of Biblical Finance
  2. Breaking the Bondage of Debt
  3. The #1 Myth About Money

The church needs to be a guiding light on how to avoid personal economic disaster.  I encourage you to be there and to invite your family & friends!