Mad Church Disease

This looks interesting.  Anne Jackson is starting a new project to help fight the church-wide burnout epidemic. The site officially launched today and is a communication point for her upcoming book by the same name.  However, it is more than just a marketing tool for the book, it is also a tool to help write the book itself. That is because Anne needs more than just her own story to tell, she needs to hear from the countless other staff, volunteer and family members of those in ministry who have both suffered from burnout or have a success story to share.

This is a great example of social-networking (web 2.0) tools at work. If this book does get written and the stories shared, it serves as another example of how modern communication and technology tools can be used to create something that before was not possible or at least far more difficult.

I believe the Evil One tries very hard to have us feel alone, tired and burnout in our effort to serve Christ. This project is a good counter-offensive to that attack and will be a great reminder that we are not alone in the battle. I pray that many will be encouraged by the stories that are shared and where there is brokenness, that restoration will occur.

Have a story to share?  Take the survey and let it help others for the cause of Christ!  Thanks to the team at Church Marketing Sucks for highlighting this.  Read their interview with Anne about the project.