Modern Giving

So much of the economy now operates on a plastic on digital currency.  Modern day consumers can now use their credit or debit cards to make “mirco-purchases”, those small but frequent transactions that are usually under $10.  It used to be that plastic was reserved only for large dollar value transactions and only major stores gave you that buying option.  Not so anymore.  Everything from gasoline, to McDonald’s to Starbucks to even Duncan Dounuts now gives you the convience to make your purchase without carrying cash.

What about church?  Do we make it easy for our congregation to donate their tithes and offerings?  Do we understand that fewer and fewer people carry cash or checkbooks with them.  Are we missing an opportunity that the commercial world readily understands?  Why wouldn’t we want to make it easy for people to be able to give?  How many times has a giving opportunity been lost because a person forgot to bring their checkbook with them on Sunday?

Stevens Creek Community Church in Augusta, Georgia has decided to do something about it.  The lead pastor, Marty Baker, has started a service called SecureGive.  As mentioned on their website:

SecureGive provides the parishioner with an opportunity to present their tithes and offerings to the Lord in a convenient manner.  It provides the church with a secure way to receive these donations in a timely manner.

The idea is based on a giving kiosk, which can be located almost anywhere in your church building. It gives the donor the opportunity for anonymous contribution or a tax-deductible one, complete with receipt.  They utilize a touch screen and give the contributor the option of designating his or her giving as a regular tithe / general offering, or building fund, or missions.  The categories can be customized to the church’s needs.  Seems like a great use of technology to serve the local church!

Be sure to check our their site at: and also take a peek at some sample kiosks in their photo gallary.

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