Mother’s Day from Eleven 72

It is hard to believe that Easter has already come and gone. It may not totally feel like Spring yet where you are (I had snow on the ground this morning here in Delaware), but indeed the calendar already says we are in the middle of April.  That means that Mother’s Day is soon approaching (May 13 for all you guys out there). 

The guys over at Eleven 72 have put together a nice collection of media options to help you celebrate that Sunday in your church service. Be sure to check out their Seasonal category for a sample. You’ll find some sermon illustrations, countdown and motion backgrounds as well as still graphics.

They have also made an April freebie sample available if you sign-up for their email list.  You can preview the sample, which is Mother’s Day themed here.

Whether you are having a special service devoted just to celebrating mothers or not, it can be a good way to acknowledge the special women in our life who have sacrificed greatly of themselves for our benefit.

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