Yesterday, Anthony Coppedge blogged about the importance of networking among those working or volunteering in the worship, creative, and technical arts areas.  This is something that is on my heart to do for 2008 and was first encouraged to do so by Greg Atkinson, back in December when he posted about “Who’s in Your Network”?

Going to MinistryTECH at the begging of April was a great step for me in getting to meet many folks from all over the country.  However, a goal I have for 2008 is to begin a network here in the Delaware Valley. So, today I have launched a Facebook group, “Technical & Creative Arts in the Delaware Valley”. I don’t know all that God might do with this, but I’m hoping to at least provide a place for those folks that are located in the greater Philadelphia/Wilmington area that have a passion in the “technical arts” to join together for support, fellowship, and networking. If that fits you, I hope you’ll join and invite others as well!

I do believe we all serve on the same team for the sake of the Kingdom and not in competition with each other. I hope this group will be just one small way to help foster that spirit here in this little corner of the the globe.