Never Forget a Password Again!

This is something I have been waiting to see for a long time!  Finally a secure, easy to use (think web 2.0) utility that helps you manage all of your passwords that you have across so many sites and systems. Passpack is an online tool that allows you to store up to 100 passwords for sites you need to use a login. 

Forget about having to search through spreadsheets, emails or other places to find login information that you forgot.  A very handy feature is the ability to link directly to the site from your Passpack dashbord and then by using the “Passpack It” toolbar button, have it login automatically for you! Sweetness!

Passpack will allow you to create unique passwords for every site (better for security) and even has a utility to suggest passwords for you.  I encourage you to take the tour and try it out for yourself! It is free to use (with optional upgrades) and just may take away one of the big hassels of today’s growing online world.  Watch this video for an overview.