New Graphics in BVBC Worship Pool

I have added some new photos to our online photo pool  on FLICKR.  You will  see some  new items from Oxygen Multimedia as well as Christian Collages both of which we have membership to as a church.  All of the photos will also be in the new BVBC Adobe Photoshop Catalog that I will be making new backup of and distributing to the “prep” team in November as well.

In the mean time, you can get the “updates” in between backup refreshes from this group site. Note that this FLICKR group site requires membership.  If you are not a member and would like to be, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to send you an invite.

Good  news!  The BVBC Worship Group Pool also has an RSS Feed!  That means that you can add the feed to your RSS reader to automatically be notified when there are new updates to the pool!

Stay tuned for updates / tutorials on using the group site in more detail.