One Prayer Site is Live

As mentioned before, the One Prayer initative is moving forward! This is going to be an exciting effort by many churches to come together and partner as one.  Led by the reason for this effort is to:

  • Promote unity in the body of Christ.
  • Expose churches to other great teachers and ministries.
  • Empower churches to experiment with video teaching.
  • Infuse spiritual passion into a typically challenging month.
  • Give the senior pastor a three-week break from teaching.
  • Raise money for a mission project.
  • Teach our people to fast, pray, and seek God in concert with thousands of other believers.
  • Participate in the larger work of God in His church.

 Find out more about the effort here. You can get badges and get resources to share about it here.

What would you pray if God would answer One Prayer for the Church at large?