Oxygen Multi-Media and SermonView

It looks like Oxygen-MultiMedia has combined with or into SermonView in a new offering where we can  now get unlimited down loads to their entire library of 1000’s of quality images.  For those at BVBC, we use these quite a bit so this will be a very handy feature to have. Now you can have anyone on your  media prep team have access to the entire collection.  

They are offering current Oxygen Premier or Premier Plus members the opportunity to try out SermonView.com for free for 30 days and then convert over their current membership. This would eliminate the quarterly CD we get (4x per year) but in return we get the unlimited library access. There is an option to keep getting the quarterly CD’s for $5 per month extra, but I think the real power is in the online access. The CDs are always difficult to distribute effectively anyhow.

So, for those involved with media preparation at BVBC, give me a shout and I’ll let you know what our login information is for SermonView. I believe this will help us be more effective in our efforts and more efficient with our budgets!