PCO – New Upgrades!

Our online scheduling tool – Planning Center Online – has just had some new upgrades that you should be aware of. 

For starters, our ministries can now be organized under ministry groups.  Right now we have three:

You simply click on the group name to see the ministries that are under it. The ministry group acts like a folder.  To go back to the list of all groups you only have to click on the folder icon to the left of the group name.

The other new feature is the look and feel of the plans themselves.  You’ll see that plans (services) can now have a series title in addition to a plan title.


There is also a new feature called “My Calendar” which allows you to see the dates (in green) you are scheduled for. Note that this also shows practice times as well!

You will also have the ability to specify black out dates during which you are not able to serve! They will show up in red.  Note, only your dates are color coded on the My Calendar view. To see what other people are not available on a given date, simply mouse-over that date.











The other way to see other people’s black out dates is to click on a month (for the calendar view).

The other handy new feature is that you can change your accept or decline response to a scheduled service even after you delete the orginal email which had the notification.  Simply browse your way the service in question and at the top you will see a message about your original response.  You can now change your response by clicking on this area of the plan.


Be sure to log in and try it out!  There will be more detailed documentation including videos coming soon. Attached to the bottom of this post is a PowerPoint file which also describes these changes.

Do ask if you have any questions!